DISCLAIMER: This site professes the principles of the so-called “karmic writing” (we were about to write journalism but we stopped just in time …)!

The “karmic writing” starts from the idea of ​​having to “give back” something to the music: if for some of us music is something that we simply cannot live without, as necessary as water and air, the least we can do is to give it back.

As far as we are concerned, we have decided to do it through the most precious thing we have: our time. Therefore, on this site you will (almost never) find any harsh criticisms or reviews that “must” be published: in this place we will talk about the music that has given us good vibrations and that – in the white noise that resounds relentlessly between ears and brain – managed to make us raise our heads and eyebrows, interrupting our daily occupations. 

A passion for music that over the years has also become competence, but only because we have dedicated a whole life to it and we like to think that, despite the hundreds of plays, readings and concerts, we have not lost an ounce of enchantment of the first falling in love.

The Mason-Dixon line, which entitles the site, refers to an old adventure of ours. The line divided two portions of territory and was the result of scientific calculation and trust in reason. In this line, someone has seen the violence inherent in every border which by its nature can only violate the territory it divides.

Well, with this blog, we persevere in the mistake: groped to draw borders and draw maps. 

With the only excuse that we did it for love and passion.