The last time we listened to Low was to see that, after “Double Negative”, they did it again: the band had released another masterpiece that would stand the test of time and listening. In our review we wrote that the record shortened the distance between the studio band and the live band. Indeed, we were lucky to see one of the greatest American bands ever (as well as one of the happiest (not only) artistic unions of all time), playing live several times.

Now, after Mimi Parker‘s death, we can only go with our thoughts to a special moment. It’s usually like that with loved ones (it sounds absurd, but musicians can be like that for us listeners, too): you choose a moment and go back to it with your mind and heart to say thank you for everything and be overcome by tears. Our moment goes back to the Double Negative tour, with the band performing the album’s tracks in a more sparse, heartfelt and less experimental version. We all listen spellbound.

Then the band plays “Lies” from “Ones and Sixes”.
During the chorus Mimi starts to sing, and incredibly the roof of the theatre opens up. From my seat I can see the vault of heaven, quasars, black holes and all the gods I never believed in. Such immensity imprisoned between the vocal chords of a sober and beautiful woman. Ready to unleash every time, just like the magic of Low’s music.

So much with so little.


Thanks for everything, Mimi.