Art Brut - She Kissed Me - And It Felt Like A Hit | Pirate Live

The Doors? Jim Morrison? He’s a drunk, posing as a poet. Give me The Guess Who. They got the courage to be drunken buffoons, which makes them poetic! “

So far I had only the suspect that Art Brut was one of the most Rock’n’Roll live acts on the planet and that their show was one of the most energetic, cheerful celebration of life and musical entertainment (and beyond) you can find in town… Well after attending to their short but intense concert during NoSilenz Festival, there were no more doubts about it! Those who may be unfamiliar with the boys, need to know that, for about 15 years, Art Brut is writing more or less the same song. No, it’s not a criticism because… it’s a great song! The scheme is more or less this one: guitar killer riff + spoken verse + brit refrain, a melodic and anthemic one. If you are thinking that there are many bands like these around, you are wrong: you lose ’cause weird lover Wilde is on their side! And you might figure Eddie Argos, Art Brut singer, as an Oscar Wilde played by Alfred Molina; he may not have the phisique du role of the rock star but he has an irrepressible haze of his own, a stage presence that overflows from the stage as well as from the waistband of trousers, a constant derailment of thoughts and words and more irony, cynicism and wit like a less caustic Mark E Smith or perhaps simply more empathetic with the world.

And so, while the band played a whole series of punk rock stereotypes (yes, but only those that work, though) and the guitars combed the thoughts of the audience like we were all ordinary Francesco De Gregori (a famous italian songwriter ED), I found myself thinking about what I was looking for in a live concert today at the venerable age of 40 (approximately) and the words I used in the introduction to the piece came flowing in my mind. Words that many of you will have recognized as the lines that Cameron Crowe puts in the mouth of Lester Bangs played by Philip Seymour Hoffmann in “Almost Famous”.

If you get the parallelism, Art Brut would be my alcoholic buffoons who have the courage to be that way to the point of appearing poetic, while the alcoholics who pose as poets would be certain long faces that fill the stages of the so-called independent scene. Perhaps it is because in my opinion there are very few who could afford such a pose or perhaps because over the years, having taken note of the emptiness of existence (yes, even of yours), I ended up looking for a certain joyful (and only apparent) superficiality and so I came up preferring the company of those “buffoons” who live their art with a lightness that makes itin itself poetic

And what’s more poetic than chasing joy on stage?

Then you get a punk disguised as an English dandy leading an unlikely handful of musicians with mismatched clothing doing it… well, as far as I’m concerned, you’re done. Consider me endorsing the cause. A lost cause, as a matter of fact, but let me still do some other proselytism: if you still have a little patience, let me spend a few lines to talk about Eddie Argos because, you have to believe me, he’s one of those characters that you can’t stop loving. A nerd with a passion for comics and for superheroes with a secret identity and in particular for Batman (you won’t believe that Eddie Argos is his real name, right?). A man who became a singer of a band not so much for talent but – from his words – by exhaustion (in the sense that he exhausted the other musicians with his requests to join a band), who writes songs about the high school sweetheart who left him throwing him into a state of suffering that he says is still enduring. A guy with whom you would gladly go out and drink a beer and which would probably drag you into those food and life habits that are not exactly sober and that last year led him almost to death due to a peritonitis operated in extremis in a German hospital . The operation led him to one of the darkest periods of his life, to which he responded simply by writing in his own mind, the positive hymn “Hospital“, a pop candy filled with funny call and response and good intentions like drinking more water and eating more vegetables in order to become unstoppable after leaving the hospital!

No I won’t bother you with the stereotype of the clown who hides his suffering behind a surface of good humor, but you better know that when you decide to attend one of his cabaret punk shows, you will find yourself in front of a man absolutely in love with music, who could not help but be in a band (“Formed a Band!”), perhaps because he’s a prey to a hidden feeling of self destruction or maybe because some people are “too smart for their own good“.

Anyway, now it is time to conclude by returning to the cold (?) Chronicle of the concert which opened with the one-two “Formed a Band” – “My little brother“. With the former Eddie payed tribute to the Italian cover of the song by italian band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti then he told us about his brother Colin to whom the song is dedicated and about how has now regained control… he’s a teacher, he doesn’t make his parents worry anymore, but his sober life … worries him, damn it! The rest of the setlist takes from the past (Emily Kane” from the debut Bang Bang and Rock n Roll, “Post soothing out” from It’s a bit complicated, “Axl Rose” by Brilliant! Tragic), and from the present with several songs from the very successful Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s rock out!; we got “Kultfigur”, fragmented and full of by-the-book ” stop-and-go and “She Kissed Me (and it felt like a hit)“, which in another universe would be their latest hit. I already told you about “Hospital“, while the title track is a hymn that explains how a genuine euphoria can make the difference, in the rock field, between stereotype and archetype.

Everything else, as I said, is joy.

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